Inviting Patients

MoodMonitor now supports inviting patients via text messages. This is an easy way to onboard patients as it lets them sign in on their personal device and set their password on a device which can then save it for later use.

Example Text Message

Getting Started

Providers can start sending invites from

Patient Invite Form

Providers must enter a valid mobile phone number of a patient. Providers can also enter additional data about the patient - which will be pre-filled for the patient when they open the link on their device. This information is stored securely and is not used for any other purposes.

Pre-filled patient info

Inviting Existing Patients

If you invite a patient that is already on MoodMonitor - they'll be prompted to initiated patient transfer to move to your clinic.

Viewing Your Invites

All invites are accessible from - you can check and see which patients have been invited so far and see which patients have accepted your invitations.

Replying to Messages

If an invited patient replies to your invite text message - we will forward the message body to your email address just like we handle replies we cannot process from current patients. If multiple providers have invited the same patient - we will use the most recent invitation.

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