Secure Messaging

If you DO NOT want patients to be able to send you Secure Messages, you must disable this feature.

We increasingly hear from clinics that patients don’t pick up when they call.

This shouldn’t be surprising given that FCC recently reported that due to a rapidly increasing number of robocalls, nearly half the calls made to US cell phones in 2019 will be spam.
Clinics need a better way to communicate with patients.

We know it needed to be simple for both you and your patients, so we developed a system as easy as texting, but much more secure.

That is why we are proud to announce Secure Messaging, a new feature that brings simple, secure, and HIPAA compliant conversations to MoodMonitor.

Safe, easy, HIPAA compliant

Our goal is to help free your staff from spending valuable time calling patients who never pick up or listen to voicemails.

Notice via MoodMonitor that a patient’s mood is falling? Quickly send them a Secure Message asking them if they need to come in for a booster treatment.

How to use Secure Messaging with patients

Communicating via Secure Messaging is easy.

On the clinic dashboard, look for the Secure Messaging button next to the patient you wish to contact. 
When you press it, a Secure Messaging window will appear. The first time, it will look like this:
When you send a Secure Message, your patient will receive a text alerting them that you’ve messaged them:

Your patient can read your Secure Message by clicking the link; they can then reply back if they wish.

How Clinics Receive Secure Messages from Patients

If they do respond (or send you a Secure Message on their own), you will be alerted via a notification alert (indicated by a number next to the bell in the upper-right corner). 
Click on that bell icon and you will see that a patient has sent you a Secure Message. Click the blue text to read their message.

Secure Messages are treated like any other notification in MoodMonitor - you can control whether you’d  ALSO  like to receive email notifications (in addition to the notification alert in the MoodMonitor header) when a new Secure Message is sent to your clinic.

Go to "Clinic Notification Settings" under "Settings" in MoodMonitor's header.

How to Disable Secure Messages

You can easily disable Secure Messaging for your clinic.

If you do this you will not be able to send Secure Messages to your patients and they will not be able to send Secure Messages to you.

Go to "Clinic Notification Settings" under "Settings" in MoodMonitor's header.

Deselect the "Enabled" checkbox next to the Patient Sends Secure Message option.

contact  support if you have any questions. 

We would also love to hear your suggestions on how we can improve this feature.

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