Monitoring patients for pain

We have now added pain monitoring to MoodMonitor!

All patients continue to receive the daily mood question, just like depression patients. 

All pain patients also receive the Brief Pain Inventory (short form). You can find out more info about the BPI at their  website.

In particular, we urge you to check out the  BPI User's Guide that goes over the development and psychometric properties of this questionnaire.

Please note: The Brief Pain Inventory is owned by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. It is up to your clinic to determine which licensing fees, if any, you must pay to use this questionnaire.

There are two type of pain patients:

  • You can monitor the patient JUST for pain. These patients receive the BPI instead of a PHQ-9.
  • You can monitor a patient for pain AND depression. These patients receive a PHQ-9 one week and a BPI the next week, thus they are getting one survey request each week.

Onboarding Pain Patients

To sign up patients for pain monitoring, you should use your clinic's link following this model:



(Depression patients should still use your default link:

Switching Patient Symptom Monitoring for Pre-Existing Patients

If you wish to switch a patient from depression monitoring to pain monitoring, for instance, just click the "edit" button in the clinic dashboard:

Then change the patient to "Pain" on this edit patient page.

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