Generating patient mood reports

As your practice grows, monitoring all your patients from the clinic dashboard can become cumbersome.

To make it easier for you to see which patients may be in need of a booster infusion or other care, we have created a reporting tool that highlights patients who have reported their mood declining. 

1. Click "Stats" in the Navigation Bar

2. Select Which Report/s to Access

a. The "DAILY MOOD REPORT" will tell you the change in the daily mood score (3-day average) over the last week and the last month of your patients. 

b. The "PHQ-9 REPORT" will tell you the % change in the most recent PHQ-9 score.

c. The "HIGH RISK REPORT" will tell you who is often having "thoughts that (they) would be better off dead or of hurting (themselves) in some way" and how much more or less often they are feeling this way since they last took the PHQ-9.

PLEASE NOTE: We urge you to run these reports on a regular basis as part of your clinic workflow.

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