Setting a schedule for when depression severity surveys (PHQ-9s) are sent out

In addition to asking for a daily mood score, MoodMonitor sends out periodic PHQ-9s to provide greater diagnostic clarity on current depression symptoms. Clinics can set how often patients receive PHQ-9s or use the popular default settings.

1. Click "Settings" in the navigation bar.

2. Set pre-treatment schedule.

When a new patient signs up for MoodMonitor, they are immediately asked to fill out a depression severity survey to get a baseline PHQ-9 score. Until their first treatment is recorded, they will then be sent survey requests based on their pre-treatment schedule.  

Default setting: Patients are sent PHQ-9s every 14 days.

2. Set post-treatment schedule.

Once the first treatment for a patient is recorded, they will be sent survey requests based on this post-treatment schedule. When a treatment is recorded, the clock is "reset"; this means that if a treatment is recorded and the interval is set at 14 days, the follow-up PHQ-9 will be sent 14 days after the treatment. 

Default setting: Patients are sent a follow-up PHQ-9 every 14 days.

Use "rules" for more complex schedules.

Your options for setting a PHQ-9 schedule are infinite. For example, by clicking the "+ ADD RULE" button you can schedule the surveys to be sent every 7 days for 28 days, and then every 14 days.

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