Recording treatments

It is is very easy to record a treatment in MoodMonitor.

This workflow assumes your patient has already signed up for MoodMonitor.

1. Before each treatment, your patient should fill out a depression severity questionnaire (PHQ-9).

a. You can send a link to the PHQ-9 survey to their cell phone by clicking "TEXT QUESTIONNAIRE."


b. You can have the patient fill out a  paper version of the PHQ-9. First, click on the patient's name in the clinic dashboard. Then, click "ENTER QUESTIONNAIRE" and fill in those responses manually.

2. You can then record a treatment by clicking "RECORD TREATMENT" and entering in dose, patient weight, and infusion duration.

PLEASE NOTE: When a patient signs up for MoodMonitor they are automatically sent a depression severity questionnaire (PHQ-9), so if they sign up for MoodMonitor the day of treatment you do not need to text them another questionnaire.

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