Patient onboarding

Please note: This is a general overview of onboarding patients. Further information about onboarding pain or pain & depression patients is now available.
It is very easy to sign up your patients for MoodMonitor.
If they are new patients, we suggest you sign them up as soon as possible as doctors report that getting pre-treatment mood level data can be helpful for diagnostic purposes.

1. Invite Patients to Sign Up for MoodMonitor Via Text (NEW)

MoodMonitor now supports inviting patients via text messages. This is an easy way to onboard patients as it lets them sign in on their personal device and set their password on a device which can then save it for later use.

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2. Make Sure Every Patient is Signed up for MoodMonitor on their First Visit
While sending an email to patients is a good first step, clinics have told us that less than half of patients will sign up after receiving an email. 
It is important you ask every patient when they visit your office if they are currently using MoodMonitor. If they are not you should sign them up before they get treated that day.
Each clinic has a unique page to signup patients. If you do not currently know the link to your clinic's signup page, you can find it listed at the top of your clinic dashboard.

NOTE: You may want to distribute the flyer below to help your patients sign up for MoodMonitor. You can edit this flyer for free using Canva, a free graphic-design tool website.

We find clinics get best results using a combo of steps 1 and 2, however there is another way to sign up patients:

Email Patients Telling Them to Sign Up for MoodMonitor

We have created email templates you can edit and send to your patients:

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